~What A Ending Of April's Fool~
Latest Me =P
I had never been SO disappointed with Singapore!!

BUT after tonight! I really change my view....<really hope that the press would be able to @@ these>

Let me keep it SHORT the "SWEET" <hahhahahah...try to me "sweet" la>

Here the story goes:
- When to have dinner with R and L
- Drove van to Joo Chiat Road saw the parking sign
- Parked @ 840pm
- Left van and walk to Astons
- In 3mins R called and said that Security <F***ing Uncle> CLAMMED my van! $100 to release.
- The warning notice said "there is a GRACE PERIOD of 15mins" and the timing stated there was 830pm <CB...I didn't even parked yet>!
- Then when I reached the van, 843pm, the CB security had CLAMMED and TAKING photos of the van.
- And already knowing my mistake, the CB F***ing security DIDN'T want to give me a chance EXPLAIN! When I opened my mouth, he shouted and "slot" words and filled the scene with his voice. Making a scene!

- Fuck la! Since you do not want to TALK, I called the police <my god, it is my 1st time calling 999 man>
- When explained to the police, <ah> guess what....THEY said that this incident didn't happen for the 1st time, THEY received many calls <almost everyday> and saying the SAME thing that they saw the parking sign and drove in but...and THEY say that THEY COULDN'T HELP!!!
- Refuse to come down too <this is not the 1st TIME, therefore, they treat it that CB security is RIGHT la>!!!
- I really don't understand WHY must we pay tax for SUCH RESPONSE from the POL***!
- TOLD them that I am not appealing for parking there!
- BUT is to appeal the F***ing GRACE PERIOD! Ridiculous! Unethical Behaviour! Obvious to ME and L that the CB security once the $100! <I damn Fucking TL>

Thank You L: For being there thru out and understanding my view. Sorry I know you really tired cuz of your lack of ZzzzZzzz
Thank you for R: Waiting in this FUCKING situation and only had dinner @ 10pm <still the clammed>
Thank you PAT & RX for coming down all the  way from home! <sorry man that the ending is that I still paid the $100> =(

That most TL thing is that when I gave the $100, the CB fucking security "Ahmm Chio" and came VERY nice to talk!
ALL my 三字jing really was "vomiting" out!!!!!!!!!

Wah I think this blog is my MOST @$#%^ one! <god, please pardon my language>
The anger is still in me!

HAIZ, My April's Fool Day!
*Will continue to lodge to complain~~*

~Surprising Surprise!~
Latest Me =P
Today I encountered TWO surprises!

Both are unexpectedly BAD...

Just felt that human beings are really weird creatures... sometimes I felt that being humans are so tiring. Why do I need to know YOU, in reality, I DUNNO you. How do I know WHAT you want if you didn't tell me so! YOU think I have been working under you izzit??!!!
In the matter of fact, NO! I am not the bacterial in your stomach! Today kana butter really like for nothing and maybe you just need someone to let you vent har....!


나  자 신 의     첫         회  사  가   되  기     전  에    알 아 서      하  겠  지
na  ja sin ui  cheot    hoe sa ga   doe gi    jeon e     a  ra seo    ha gett  ji


~이상 처리할 수있는~
Latest Me =P
~More Than Can Handle~

"This is Management"
"Learn, it is Management"

What is exactly is Management?!
<Looked up in dictionary.com>

1. The act or manner of managing; handling, direction, or control. <Hmm, dun really explain>
2. Skill in managing; executive ability: great management and tact. <A Skill, but didn't explain too :/ >
3. The person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of a business, institution. <A person that give directions>
4. Executives collectively, considered as a class (distinguished from labor). <"Executives">

So explanation: A Skill the Person have to Control and Direct.

Then I think~~ 나는 <I>
프로젝트 <projects>

"Would be fitting into anywhere that needs" <-_->

Well, the workloads are still workable for me at this present moment. But I just need a helping hand, someone to share and create ideas, another brain. I am now Controlling and Directing thinks that are out-of-my-control...
Marketing?! R&D?! Flowers?!

HMMMM........... other than the above~ I have "human being" problems! Pushing responsibility!
Hello, if you think you can't getting THAT amount of pay Do Not come with RESponSIBILITY than I think you are already in a wrong place...
"I don't know" <really HATE this word, so once saying that, can don't need to do liao la>
"See first la" <hello, you think you working for you father?!>

Why are people be coming like this?? In the pass, if one employee dare to say
"I see first" I think the next day you don't see him around liao.
*shake head*

나 자신의 첫 회사가되기 전에 알아서 하겠지


~2nd Week of Nov 09~
Last week was good.
At work I was getting to familiarize with pple...I got my office number already~

This week I start to get full blast, as GP is not in the office le~
It was tough *phew*

Hopefully it would get better =)


~1st Day~
Felt quite strange...
New people New Envoirnment...

Today, I went out with GP to do market research; what to look out for went I am out. Saw some interesting things... hmmm, today was quite average =)

Still waiting to be complete... getting a table, an office number, and ready to get started.


~ A brand New "J" ~
My NEW Spring has ARRIVED!

It had been a very long time since I've blog =P
Well.. there are PLENTY of reasons why I didn't blogged for soooooo looonnngggg: -

- Busy
- Pissed w work
- Lazy (plain lazy)
- Didn't know what to write
- Chasing after time
- Chasing after my K-dramas

You know I EVEN almost forgot my password to log-in my live journal man...LOL~ But eventually remembered and I think I should start blogging again =)

Let me summarized what had happened to ME for these couples of months: -

August 09
- I was hogging onto WORK <well, the usual me>
- I was depressed and unhappy @ work <but till carried on, after giving some feedback to top mgt; hoe for a CHANGE>
- Blessed with a new born niece =D

September 09
- Continued to hog at work <without seeing any improvements>
- Had celebrated my 25th birthday with family friends & colleagues <was quite happy to have some surprises from colleagues @ work; hmmmm, but abit <really abit only> disappointed with a couple of friends that promise to give me a surprise but didn't... well the "didn't" was a surprise too...LOL~>
- LOVED all the presents and cakes I received this year! THANK YOU *mucks*
- Celebrated my niece's 1st month
- I've made a decision to HAVE a CHANGE; I tended my resignation at the end of this month
- Looking for an opportunity

October 09
- Had a very tough time considering to accepting the opportunity
- Had many colleagues and friends talking to me about my resignation <some, I went to approach them for advices>
- Went to temple a few time to seek for advices
- Had decided to take the opportunity <joining my Ex-coy, PSCC>
- Celebrated my eldest niece's 2nd birthday
- I was in the midst of handing over my duties; but company decided to gave me an early release <they said that they are rearranging roles and duties of personnel>
- Decided to take up classes to increase my knowledge and open my circle of frens
- This month I was attended my cousin's wedding and all my relatives came down from Malacca & Holland =D
<A really good gathering for us>

November 09 - The start of my "new" job. Quite scared but looking forward... *fighting*

OKay, I'll better be going to bed soon~~
I'll be writing again ^^

*RT, hmmm, heard abt your well wishes on your blog... thank you. Haha, I still know you would still have doubts of why I made the decision. Well, many <really many pple> asked me the same question... I didn't know what or how to answer them. Finally, I have an answer... opportunity caught me at that time when I was in my dark times... this opportunity wasn't the best but it was one the I knew pple would know what I can do.

Almost 80% of my friends didn't like my decision; I had my time of struggle to made this choice, but I will not regret making this choice. YES! I will still make my noise <like nag, needing one to be my listening ears; I am still a human, i have feelings>, these are times I see who are willing to stand by me and who doesn't.

Seriously, I am still changing and I am learning to know me =) But of course the "basic" me is still me <for those who knows me...heehee> Hmmm, lets meet-up more often so that you can get to know me better =)*


~HappY B'Day SinGaporE~

An-nyong-ha-se-yo <hello>
A-ch'im <morning>

Another month had passed and it is
AUGUST already, times really flies~ <Sorry shelia, didn't manage to reply your email...hope that this post could update you =P>

I had a very very
HECTIC schedule but FUN time at work =D
Remember I said that I was transferred to Customer Service......guess what
<LOL> I am in a new department again =P
This time, I am being an under study
<going thru training> by/with a OPERATIONS CONSULTANT. Hope to being train to be able to handle restaurant operations =D <oOoooO...it is not as easy as what you may think =S>

I am really enjoying myself; and life at work is something to look forward too.

I am really beginning to feel that I am more suitable in running operations and not staying in the office working paper work the whole day. Although it is always very tired and shag everyday
BUT the satisfaction and achievement I get everyday, pushes me to work harder <hahaha...and be more workaholic>

I felt I know myself better when I changed my job, when I move around in different departments, when I get to speak and share things with people~~~

  • When I change my job to another new working environment, I get to see and meet new people, getting to know them. I am glad that I have a jovial nature, which made me not shy in know people =D
  • It made me know where are my limits and strengths.
  • I love people around me in being so real; if they are sad, they will be gloomy; if they are upset, they will be angry; if they are happy, they will smile. <but you will need to need how to manage your feelings, must be professional =/ which I am still learn everyday>
  • This words made my day worth while: -
    • "Try to learn as much as possible, as you would be one of my pillar when I'm not around."
    • "You are the only person that I did not complain about; you will point out my mistakes but will use words well."
    • "You are very persuasive."
    • "I like working with you; although it is tiring, I still have fun."
    • "You are the only person that left and he did not say any (bad) things behind you."

THANK YOU MOMMY & DADDY for giving birth to me!
THANK YOU MOMMY for bringing me up to be such an independent woman!
Ko-map-sum-ni-da <thank you> for family/ friends/ colleagues in shaping my personality!

*I hope to get a car soon~~~*


~It Has Been O.N.E Month~
Latest Me =P
Ann-yong-ha-sa-yo to all my beloved Chin-gu.

It has been like O.N.E month no news on me har...missed me =P
Apologies la, I was chasing after my TIME~!

Some updates for you: -

After the last update, I was busy being a wedding (day) coordinator for a good friend of my, Ms Jane Lam cum Mrs Tang. CONGRATS! My gal, I am so glad for you that you have found the man of your life =D AND thank you in putting SO MUCH effort in preparing the gifts for me.

Then was back to work...remember I once shared that my boss didnt wanted to continue to be her PA (which is the position I applied for) and felt that I am more suitable in MARKETING~~~ I am glad to announce that I am transferred to CUSTOMER SERVICE! *ta-da*
I actually requested to move to this department. Y? Cuz (1) I can run around outlets to outlets <freedom> (2) I am in something that I am somewhat better at <service/ops> (3) This department is in a mess now, GOAL to do hse cleaning & make a difference and (if I leave) leave a 'milestone' behind =)

Next, I took leave on my mummy B'day. I prepared DINNER and baked a birthday cake for her =D It was the ever 1st birthday cake I baked for her; I could feel that she was happy and appricative. <I took some pic, but lazy to upload =P>

Then it was BIRTHday for 2 other frens --- HAPPY BELATED 2x B'DAY to LIANG & HAppY 21st B'DAY to LILIN!!

<Owing presentz to Kelly, RX & Liang, sorry for the delay but it is still in my list...Lilin's reaching her soon =P>

Some msg-es to my little sisters: -

<Mich> Now is the period that you have abundance time. plan thru what you want in life; what would be your road after studies. no more
三分钟热度. "Do not think what others think for but think of what you want to achieve or do" =)

<Jas> Please please please go and see a doctor for your foot.
短痛不如长痛...blood clogs <blue-black> must 'unclog' it asap...plus you are exercising <movement> your foot every day. take care of yourself.

<RT> You gal, it is dilemma within you. Just think about WHAT you want for the next 6-months <I am not asking you to think or plan for 3yrs-5yrs, just 6-months>; IF you still see yourself still wanting to be in the comfort zone for the next 6-months,and able to accept/manageable of the current situation --- stay. IF you see yourself standing alone and adapting with new goals/challenges and environment --- go. <I think you actually know what is the problem but just cant/dont want to answer, izzit?> Talk to Liang ask him for opinion; Talk to Family ask them for theirs. They are the pple you fall back/look for when you need a shoulder. They are your pillars. <If you need me, just give me a ring =)>

Some info, PICO is a big and renowned org. A good stepping stone. BUT big companies comes with big politic issues, which would test your adaptability, courage, patience...the reality no more cushions.........<let me know if you chat>

Before I end, so news update: -
MOF have newly launched THREE new outlets =D
(1) Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Raffles City (out from MRT, on your left handside; previously was Spinelli's)
(2) Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Ang Mo Kio Hub (#B1-51)
(3) ZenZen @ Bugis Junction (#01-88) --- new concept

And MOF had launch a brand new menu for you to indulged your tastebud! Visit them soon!


Latest Me =P

I am "bedridden"

My back is KILLING me......
I had super high fever & was shivering the WHOLE NIGHT....
I had to sleep in the living room where there is no air-con only the conventional fan.

I am still in pain....hopefully tomorrow would be better...off to do my minutes~~~


Latest Me =P

Video by: bloomflowers123
~OMG...He sings well~ *melts*


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